17 March 2014

Sword at Sunset: Dan Lentell of Edinburgh 49 reviews the play

Dan Lentell obviously went to see the play on the same evening we went (26th  February).

' ... Sword at Sunset, based on the best-selling 1963 novel by Rosemary Sutcliff, chronicles the career of Artos from his service as a cavalry commander under his uncle, the British high king Ambrosius, through to his donning of the imperial purple as a later-day Caesar. Incorporating Artos’ seduction by his vengeful half-sister Ygerna; his strategic marriage to Guenhumara; his friendships; his battles; successes and failures, James Beagon’s adaptation would be a very tall order for any company ...'

Now read on.

6 March 2014

Sword at Sunset: the full play on Youtube!

This is a recording of the last night of Bedlam Theatre's production on 1st March 2014:

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