30 May 2012

Sword at Sunset to be republished - further information

This is a scan from the publisher's catalogue.  For some reason, they spell Rosemary's surname with an e at the end, just once!  Anyway, the book's to be republished in December, which is when her birthday was, so is very apt :)

29 May 2012

Desert Island Discs

In 1983 Rosemary Sutcliff was on the BBC Radio 4 programme Desert Island Discs.  People choose their eight favourite pieces of music and are interviewed, in this case by Roy Plomley.  Search the database here and find the recording, which is downloaded in MP3 format

18 May 2012

Sword at Sunset - to be republished!

Sarah Cuthberston, who keeps a keen eye on online historical fiction publisher's catalogues, has come across the exciting news that Sword at Sunset, Sutcliff's version of the King Arthur legend, is to be republished in hardback by Atlantic Books at the end of this year.  A PDF of the catalogue can be found here, scroll down to page 37. 

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