18 April 2005

This blog

This is where I will deposit information about historical fiction author Rosemary Sutcliff, including web links, books, and anything else I can find. The links on the right hand of the page will take you to various places, including the Historical Novel Society, my article on Rosemary Sutcliff (which appeared in the HNS journal Solander 8, 2000), and Anthony Lawton's blog.

Anthony Lawton is Rosemary Sutcliff's literary executor. As the writer of an article about her, I am often asked if there is a biography being produced. Mr Lawton was able to say that although one was not being written now, there would a biography in future.

More to come and feel free to contribute!


Kate Allan said...

Great idea for a blog!

Sandra said...

Kate, I have to admit, it was Anthony Lawton's blog that gave me the idea of doing this. It's a great way to collect things together, and is certainly easier to do than constructing a web page (plus I'm using my web space for something else anyway). But, this way, people can also contribute their thoughts and memories of Rosemary Sutcliff.

CEO said...

Well I have got back to my very little blog and found what you are up to! I recall your early comment on my blog. I am delighted that my start set you off: and now discover probably that I have flagged on the blog today stuff you have already here. Anyway I will keep abreast of what you do.

I have chaged the title of my blog so the link is now to rosemarysutcliff.blogspot.com

Maybe not such a smart thing to do....now I see it invalidates your (and any other) link. Too late.

Sr. Dorothy said...

As a fan of Sutcliff for years, I enjoyed her autobiography--but I'd really look forward to a biography, too.

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