19 April 2005

Portable copy - Sword at Sunset

This is my portable copy. If I think I might want to read 'Sword' while I'm away from home, this is the copy I'll take with me!

Sword At Sunset, UK, Coronet, Paperback, 1989 (2nd impression; first Coronet Impression 1971)

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Robert Vermaat said...

I remember seeing this one in the bookshops during my visit to the UK in 1989. The cover is vary much based on the plate by Angus McBride of an 'Arthurian warrior' for the Osprey men at Arms volume 'Arthur and the Anglo-Saxon wars'. I'll post the picture of that cover if you tell me how.

Myself I have two copies of that Tor book. Indeed, I think the artist read the book very well!My two Dutch hardcover copies show the pictures from a Hollywood musical, totally unrelated to the book!

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