18 April 2005

Rosemary Sutcliff, Arundel, 1985

I took this photograph when I went to interview her in Arundel in Sussex. In the future, I hope to post the interview on the blog. The only problem is that it is in print form, and I'll have to type it all out again! Yes, I've got a scanner but my OCR software doesn't work :-(

Rosemary Sutcliff

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CEO said...

This is such a good picture of Rosemary. (I grew up visiting her regularly in her study; she was my godmother and a close family member). I was much moved by it. Elsewhere on the blog there is a comment that Rosemary led a sad life (from an Alan Fisk). Not in my eyes and more importantly not in her own! She was a determined woman who transcended her physical disability and the fact that the big love of her life (beyong writing) caused her much heartache, as well as much happiness.

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