21 February 2014

Sutcliff: Appreciation, July 29th 1992

Rosemary Sutcliff -
Times, The (London, England)
July 29, 1992
Author: Mrs Anna Milford
IN THIS 350th anniversary year of the English Civil War no tribute to Rosemary Sutcliff (obituary, July 25) can be complete without mention of The Rider of the White Horse.

This is surely one of the finest historical novels ever written for adults, and one to re-read again and again with increasing pleasure.

Thomas Fairfax fought against his King for the highest motives, and as Lord General commanded the New Model Army at Naseby. The story is told with such conviction and skill that this surely was how Fairfax's contemporaries, among them Cromwell, saw the ``high flying hawk of the North."

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